Announcing Tadpole Finance

Today we proudly announce Tadpole Finance, an open-source platform that provides decentralized financial services for savings and loans. It is an experimental project to create a more open lending market in Ethereum Network. Our ultimate goal is to create such an open ecosystem in which users can freely add any ERC20 tokens to be listed in the DeFi lending system.

Tadpole Finance project was initiated by Indodax and Tokenomy, then will be released to the community as an open-source project. Indodax is the first and the largest crypto exchange in Indonesia, currently sitting as rank #17 in Tokenomy is a crypto asset platform where users can manage, trade, and earn cryptocurrencies. Tokenomy also provides a launchpad to enable the tokenization of assets and services.

TAD Token

To initiate this project, we will release TAD token on October, 13th 2020. TAD token is an ERC-20 token that is used to govern Tadpole Finance platform and to pay the registration fees for new token listing.

The total of TAD Supply is 1,000,000 TAD. There are several ways to get TAD tokens; Genesis Mining, Platform Liquidity Mining, Dex Liquidity Mining, developer rewards program and buying at Uniswap.

  • Genesis Mining: 200,000 (20%) (30 days period)
  • Platform Liquidity Mining: 500,000 (50%) (2 year period)
  • DEX Liquidity Mining: 200,000 (20%) (1 year period)
  • Developer Rewards: 100,000 (10%) (1 year period)

Genesis Mining

In the creation, 200,000 TAD will immediately be transferred to “Genesis Mining” smart contract. TEN holders can then start staking by depositing some TEN to earn TAD as a reward.

You can get TEN token in various exchanges, please refer to: Or you can also obtain TEN token in Uniswap:

Platform Liquidity Mining (upcoming)

Platform Liquidity Mining is a reward program to motivate saving and borrowing activities in Tadpole Finance. In addition to saving interest, a number of TAD is distributed to both savers and borrowers according to the size of the savings & the loan portion.

For each Ethereum block, the system will automatically distribute 0.118 TAD to all savers and borrowers. This distribution will continue up to 4204800 Ethereum blocks or about 2 years.

DEX Liquidity Mining (upcoming)

DEX Liquidity Mining is a reward mechanism to ensure the liquidity of TAD and the supporting tokens are always maintained on decentralized exchanges. You can get TAD token by staking Uniswap LP tokens.

This program will run for 1 year. Initially, this staking program would support liquidity at Uniswap. We might add other DEXes later.

Developer Rewards program (upcoming)

Tadpole Finance is managed as an open-source project. We invite all developers to participate in developing this project. As a reward, 10% of the TAD supply (Tadpole Finance platform token) will be distributed to developers who contribute to the Tadpole Finance codebase.

For more information about Tadpole Finance project, let’s connect on Telegram:

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An open source platform that provides decentralised financial services for saving and loan.