APY Calculator is Here! Start Counting Your TADs!

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Wanting to invest in our Genesis Mining Program but having difficulty to calculate your return of investment? No worries! Because we have added a new feature to help you with that: the APY Calculator.

APY (Annual Percentage Yield) is the annual rate of return of investment. To put this in the simplest way: the investment results that you will get in a year. In this case, it’s the value in USD that you will get after staking TEN tokens in our Genesis Mining Program.

Now, let’s say the latest TEN and TAD prices at Uniswap are as the following:
TAD price: $3.573
TEN price: $0.043

And for example, you stake 45827821.9100546 TEN in our Genesis Mining (genesis distribution is 200,000 TAD).

In that case, the APY calculation is as follows*:

APY = {TAD price} x {genesis distribution} / ( {TEN STAKED} x {TEN price} ) x 12 x 100%

APY = 3.573 x 200000 / ( 45827821.9100546 x 0.043 ) x 12 x 100%

APY = 434.64%

(*The calculation subjects to change from time to time)

Now you know the formula! Click here to try out our APY Calculator feature. Start counting your TADs now!