Event Alert ! Tadpole Finance AIRDROP

TAD Airdrop Event

  • Event period : 3 months (12 weeks, The first round will start on February 7th, 2022)
  • Available to : Everyone
  • To participate : Hold 1–50 TAD
  • Total airdrop : 10.000 TAD

Airdrop Distribution

Every week a number of TAD will be distributed to all participating addresses for this airdrop event, based on how many TAD they hold (with a value of 10,000 TAD divided equally for 12 rounds)

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Only the amount of TAD (BEP20) bought on INDODAX is eligible for the event.
  2. Hold a minimum of 1 TAD and maximum of 50 TAD on your personal wallet (Trustwallet & Metamask)
  3. Open registration starts on February 2nd, 2022. Register your wallet address and your withdrawal Tx ID in the registration form. Note that the wallet address must match with the one in the withdrawal transaction.
  4. You can input more than 1 Tx ID, the maximum balance credited per address is 50 TAD.
  5. The snapshot will be taken every day, starting from February 7th, 2022, for 12 rounds (weeks).
  6. All airdrop will be given only for those who successfully complete hold TAD for 1 round.
  7. Participants can increase their TAD during the event, but the addition of TAD will be calculated at the next round, which is every Monday at 00.00 UTC.
  8. The maximum TAD that can be calculated to earn airdrop is 50 TAD (even if you hold more than 50 TAD).
  9. If participants want to withdraw their TAD before the round is over, the TAD that is calculated to earn airdrop is the lowest balance after being withdrawn (a balance snapshot will be taken every day and the lowest balance will be used).

CLICK HERE TO JOIN THE AIRDROP : https://app.tadpole.finance/airdrop.html

Step by step :

  • Withdraw the TAD token (BEP20) to your wallet address. Make sure that you use BEP20 network.
  • Register for Airdrop by copy-paste your withdraw Tx ID on the registration form
  • If your registration has been successful, the following table will appear:
  • If the airdrop has been distributed it will appear as shown below:

What is Tadpole Finance & TAD Token?

Tadpole Finance, a DeFi lending protocol initiated by Indodax and Tokenomy, has been deployed on the Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain network. Especially for the saving and lending platform, it was built on Binance Smart Chain. With Tadpole Finance platform, users are able to deposit cryptocurrencies and earn interest or borrow other crypto assets. Also, Tadpole Finance provides bridge as a tool for the crypto developer to convert their ERC20 token to BEP20 token.

The TAD token has two functions. TAD BEP20 is for paying the listing fees on the saving & lending platform or as a bridge fee for transforming ERC-20 to BEP20 token

And TAD ERC20 is used for governing and allowing holders to vote on proposals for updates or changes to Tadpole Finance’s protocol.

The total supply is 1,000,000 TAD.

Genesis Mining : 20% (ended)

Platform Liquidity Mining : 50% (on going)

DEX Liquidity Mining : 20% (ended)

Development and Marketing : 10% (on going)

👥 Follow Tadpole Finance:

👉 Website : https://tadpole.finance

👉 Twitter : twitter.com/TadpoleFinance

👉 Telegram : t.me/TadpoleFinanceChannel

👉 Medium : tadpolefinance.medium.com




An open source platform that provides decentralised financial services for saving and loan.

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Tadpole Finance

Tadpole Finance

An open source platform that provides decentralised financial services for saving and loan.

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