How To Join The Genesis Mining

So, you might probably have heard about the genesis mining on Tadpole Finance but still wondering how could you do it? Well, here you go!

First of all, make sure you have a Metamask wallet. Visit this link if you haven’t already

Now, you have your Metamask wallet ready. You will need to get TEN token in various exchanges, please refer to

Or you can also obtain TEN token in Uniswap:

Then, go to the Genesis Mining Page here and make sure you have connected your Metamask Wallet (see the top right corner)

Dashboard Tadpole Finance Genesis Mining

You can start to put the amount of TEN token you would like to Stake on the left part here

Staking part on Tadpole Finance

Lastly, you will see a confirmation on your Metamask wallet to do the transaction. Make sure you have some amount of ETH as well on your Metamask wallet to pay the GAS fee.

Once it’s successful, you should see the amount of your staking on the “Your Stake” panel.

If you would like to Unstake or Claim your TAD, you can do it easily by fill in the amount of TEN you would like to Unstake on the middle panel or on the right panel to claim your TAD.

You can do multiple staking but every time new staking happen will make the TAD token automatically send into your Metamask wallet.

For more information about Tadpole Finance project, let’s connect on Telegram:

Official Channel:

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