Tadpole Finance Monthly Report

Hi Tadpolers, thank you for your support since Tadpole Finance’s official launch. As our appreciation for your enthusiasm in Tadpole project development, from now on, Tadpole will publish a report on a monthly basis, to keep you updated with our latest development. You can read up on what we have done in the previous month, including project development progress, important news, community growth, events, achievements, FAQ and many more!

Now for our very first report, here are our achievements in February 2021. Check them out!


# DEX Liquidity Mining

Read here for the details.

DEX Liquidity Mining Report (March 1st 2021)

# Tadpole Bridge and Migration

The Ethereum blockchain went very slow in terms of transaction confirmations and beyond acceptable/manageable transaction fees. Tadpole Finance is committed to building a smooth lending experience, and these hindrances from Ethereum were turning our use-cases obsolete.

Therefore, as a public blockchain project, we want to ask our community and supporters whether we agree to migrate to other blockchain technologies such as Binance Smart Chain and Tron, which many projects have trusted as Ethereum alternatives. We can also choose to stay in Ethereum while waiting for its network to be more stable in the future.

As a form of openness and transparency of the decision, voting weight is determined by the ownership of the TAD token in the voter’s ethereum address when the snapshot was taken. The bigger the TAD token you have, the greater the decision power you can use for a proposal to determine the development direction of the Tadpole Finance project.

To join the voting, please read and follow these instructions:

Duration: 2 weeks

Start: Block number #11974999 (est 07:00 AM UTC+7, Friday, 5th March 2021)

  1. Go to Tadpole Snapshot here , then click “Voting”
  2. Click on the button in the right corner “Connect wallet”
  3. Connect with wallet provider, where you hold TAD
  4. Click on the option you want to vote for
  5. Sign the message via your wallet and done


# Listed in Indodax Exchange

# Token distribution information in crypto information gateway

# Help us to spread the project

# Developer Reward Program Has ended


That’s all for February 2021. Keep in touch and stay updated!

Tadpole Team

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