Convert TAD ERC20 to TAD BEP20 using Tadpole bridge

Hi Tadpolers,

We are excited to announce that the Tadpole Finance bridge is ready! Now you can bridge your TAD ERC20 transactions to TAD BEP20. Please follow the detailed instructions below to use the Tadpole bridge:

MetaMask Configuration on BSC Mainnnet

March 2021

Hi Tadpolers,
How’s your TAD breeding going? We hope you breed a lot of TADs! Anyway, just like the previous month, here is what we have done and achieved in March 2021:


# DEX Liquidity Mining

It has been approximately 5 months since we have launched the Dex liquidity Mining, and from the total of 200,000 TAD tokens that could be mined, we have passed 35% progress this month.

Read here for the details.

DEX Liquidity Mining Report (April 1st, 2021)

# Tadpole Expansion plan: Bridge ERC to BEP

Thanks to all Tadpolers for participating in Tadpole’s expansion voting, now we are moving forward to the new stage of development.

Currently, we…

Hi Tadpolers, thank you for your support since Tadpole Finance’s official launch. As our appreciation for your enthusiasm in Tadpole project development, from now on, Tadpole will publish a report on a monthly basis, to keep you updated with our latest development. You can read up on what we have done in the previous month, including project development progress, important news, community growth, events, achievements, FAQ and many more!

Now for our very first report, here are our achievements in February 2021. Check them out!


# DEX Liquidity Mining

Creating a healthy token economy ecosystem requires adequate liquidity on exchanges to have supply and…

Hi fellow developers,

We would like to announce that we decided to end our Developer Rewards Program, and replace it with new reward program. Click here ( for the official announcement from William Sutanto.

The last distribution of rewards is for the period January 2021. All remaining TAD set aside for the Developer Rewards Program will be kept and distributed regularly to selected developers for further project development. We thank all developers who has joined this program and contributed their ideas.

If you are interested in joining as a Tadpole Finance full-time programmer, please join on Tadpole’s telegram group


Dear Tadpole Breeders,

Are you ready for another exciting news? Because TAD is now listed on INDODAX, the largest crypto asset exchange in Indonesia! Now you are able to buy and sell TAD with IDR (Indonesian Rupiah), and trade TAD with other digital assets listed on INDODAX!

Read the official listing announcement from INDODAX.


INDODAX (formerly known as was established in 2014 and was one of the early crypto assets adopters in Indonesia. In the last 7 years, INDODAX has grown tremendously, and become the largest crypto asset exchange in Indonesia…

On Dec 1st 2020, we held an “Ask Me Anything” session with Bithumb Global. Bithumb has become the largest cryptocurrency exchange in Korea with the most traded volume in the world by January 2017. With William Sutanto as our co-founder, we always strive to answer any question you may have about our project.

So, for those of you who missed it, here is the recap:

Ready? Set, go!

Q1: What is the meaning behind the project name?

A1: We chose Tadpole because this is a young creature that will be evolve into a bigger a more mature animal in the…

Hi Tadpole Breeders!

Are you ready for some good news? Because 200,000 TAD Tokens are ready to be claimed!

All you need to do is stake your Uniswap LP Tokens on Tadpole Finance, and voila! You’ll earn your TAD Tokens!

But you better hurry, because this event only lasts for 1 year from the announcement.

How to Stake Uniswap LP Tokens:

1. Go to

2. Click “+Add Liquidity”

tadpole finance
tadpole finance

Wanting to invest in our Genesis Mining Program but having difficulty to calculate your return of investment? No worries! Because we have added a new feature to help you with that: the APY Calculator.

APY (Annual Percentage Yield) is the annual rate of return of investment. To put this in the simplest way: the investment results that you will get in a year. In this case, it’s the value in USD that you will get after staking TEN tokens in our Genesis Mining Program.

Now, let’s say the latest TEN and TAD prices at Uniswap are as the following:
TAD price…

So, you might probably have heard about the genesis mining on Tadpole Finance but still wondering how could you do it? Well, here you go!

First of all, make sure you have a Metamask wallet. Visit this link if you haven’t already

Now, you have your Metamask wallet ready. You will need to get TEN token in various exchanges, please refer to

Or you can also obtain TEN token in Uniswap:

Then, go to the Genesis Mining Page here and make sure you have connected your Metamask Wallet (see the top right corner)

Dashboard Tadpole Finance Genesis Mining
Dashboard Tadpole Finance Genesis Mining

You can start…

Today we proudly announce Tadpole Finance, an open-source platform that provides decentralized financial services for savings and loans. It is an experimental project to create a more open lending market in Ethereum Network. Our ultimate goal is to create such an open ecosystem in which users can freely add any ERC20 tokens to be listed in the DeFi lending system.

Tadpole Finance project was initiated by Indodax and Tokenomy, then will be released to the community as an open-source project. Indodax is the first and the largest crypto exchange in Indonesia, currently sitting as rank #17 in Tokenomy is…

Tadpole Finance

An open source platform that provides decentralised financial services for saving and loan.

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